Captivating Tile Ideas for a Stunning Living Room



The living room, where guests and family converge for quality time, deserves a touch of elegance. Enhancing this space can be effortlessly achieved through thoughtful tile selections for both the floor and walls. PORCELONA Tiles presents an exclusive array of floor and wall tile designs, offering a myriad of possibilities to transform every corner of your living room. Let's delve into some unique and straightforward ideas to elevate your living room with tiles!

Table of Contents:

  1.       Follow a Color Palette
  2.       Marble + Wood
  3.       Add Bold Colors
  4.       Textured Wall Tiles
  5.       Match Furniture, Paint, and Tiles


1. Follow a Color Palette:

  • Utilize the same color across walls, floors, and furniture for a stylish look.
  • Play with different hues and shades within the chosen color to create a seamless and visually appealing design.
  • Explore PORCELONA Tiles' extensive range of floor tile designs to find the perfect match and infuse interesting visual elements into your wall tile design.


2. Marble + Wood:

  • Combine the timeless elegance of wood and marble for a distinctive and sophisticated aesthetic.
  • Pair wood-look floor tiles with marble on the walls or opt for marble flooring and wooden wall tiles for a unique living room ambiance.
  • Both materials offer not only visual appeal but also durability and ease of maintenance.


3. Add Bold Colors:

  • Infuse vitality and personality into the living room by introducing bold-colored floor tiles, such as deep blues or fiery reds.
  • Create a focal point with vibrant floor tiles and coordinate with furniture and decor for a cohesive theme.
  • Amplify the vibrancy with ample natural light, striking wall art, or statement lighting fixtures.


4. Textured Wall Tiles:

  • Break away from conventional smooth-finish tiles by incorporating textured and digital wall tiles.
  • Textured tiles add depth, create intriguing shadows, and introduce an element of interest to the living space.
  • Digital wall tiles offer creative patterns and bespoke designs, transforming the room according to personal preferences.



5. Match Furniture, Paint, and Tiles:

  • Consider the existing furniture and paint colors while selecting floor and wall tiles.
  • Ensure a harmonious look by coordinating tile designs with furniture colors and choosing a comfortable texture for floor tiles.
  • Lighter wall tiles can create a sense of spaciousness, while darker tiles add coziness.


Incorporating tiles into the living room enhances its charm and aesthetic appeal. PORCELONA Tiles, with its extensive collection of wall and floor tiles in India, provides homeowners with a plethora of options to suit their preferences. Browse through the diverse tile selections offered by PORCELONA to find your ideal pick and redefine your living space!